# Introduce


Cat2Bug Platform is a necessary basic management platform in the Cat2Bug ecosystem, and the latest version is V0.3.2

# Platform Introduction

Cat2Bug Platform is a permanently free open source bug management platform with a B/S architecture, and we will provide it to individuals and groups for free use without reservation. Its target audience is individuals or small to medium-sized software development teams. The concept of Cat2Bug is to eliminate various heavy management in project management, allowing individuals or teams to quickly get started and focus on managing software quality. The platform is developed using JAVA+VUE and supports deployment and use on various system platforms.

# Operating environment

Cat2Bug Platform adopts web based interaction and supports running on multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

# Software Configuration

MySql database front - and back-end separation mode
* JDK 11
* MySQL 8.2
* Redis 7.0
H2 database single Jar file embedded mode
* JDK 11

# Hardware Configuration

  • CPU: 2核
  • Memory: 4G
  • Hard Disk: 150MB

# Function Introduction

  1. Team management: Manage projects and members within the team.
  2. Project management: Manage defects, members, and API keys in the project.
  3. Use case management: Manage test cases
  4. Defect management: Manage bugs, requirements, and tasks.
  5. Deliverables management: Maintain deliverables in the project.
  6. Report management: Display team, project, test cases, defects, deliverables and other related data indicators.